RV Refinishing to Restore and Protect Paint

Here was a unique case of what used to be very common. The clear coat on the hood had not only faded, but the sun had literally fried it. The clear coat peeled off leaving the dull base coat unprotected. It looked like a bad sunburn and indeed it was. Showing the motor home dealer what our restoration process could do with the sunburned hood, got us seven other RVs to restore.

First we fine wet sanded the paint, cleaned the hood off, and restored the hood to like new color and gloss by just spraying on our clear coat protectant. The dealer was just so tickled and amazed, he couldn’t stop talking about it or showing everybody insight what the Vivilon restoration had done.

The Photo of the Vivilon Clear Coat Restoration Process depicted herein is a Certified Unretouched Picture of Vivilon Rejuvenating and Refinishing a surface that would normally need Repainting. Other than photos in the EXCEPTIONS folder, ALL Restoration, Refinishing, and Rejuvenation projects have been done solely by the use of our Crystal Clear Coating materials. Tramadol CVS