VIVILON™      Certified Appearance Restoration & Maintenance Expert

  1. What is The Business Plan For Your Opportunity?
  2. How Big Is The Paint Restoration & Protection Market?
  3. How Do I Fit Into The Paint Restoration & Protection Business?
  4. Why Should I Want A Paint Restoration & Protection Business?
  5. How Will Your Business Opportunity Help Me?
  6. What’s Required To Qualify For This Business Opportunity?
  7. What Does This Business Opportunity Cost?
  8. Final Thoughts On The Paint Restoration & Protection Business

What Is The Business Plan For Your Opportunity?

1. We offer a Clearcoat Paint Appearance Restoration and Maintenance business providing Alternatives to the Repainting or Replacement of dull, faded, chalky, oxidized, discolored or weathered surfaces. That covers a lot of territory. Under the banner of paint restoration & protection, Vivilon has at least six distinctly different business opportunities. They are the:

  • Fleet Refinishing Business or paint restoration of trucks, heavy duty tractors, buses, off-road construction and agricultural equipment
  • Metal Building Restoration Business of roofs, canopies, doors, soffit, fascia, mullions and other component of steel or aluminum buildings
  • Fiberglass Restoration Business of motorhomes, other RV's with Filon panels and watercraft, from jet skis to boats to yachts
  • Vinyl Siding Restoration Business of the vinyl siding on homes
  • Alternative Siding Restoration Business of the cement fiber siding for homes and EIFS siding for homes and businesses 
  • Architectural Materials Restoration Business of stainless steel, copper, granite and brick

2. The business of clear paint restoration and protection has he opportunity for enormous growth potential based on the cost, convenience and performance advantages our system provides. We believe that paint appearance restoration & protection, which has been a relatively small and unsophisticated business, is ready for explosive growth in the years ahead. Why? Because people are so much better informed, primarily because of the opportunity for instant knowledge and sophistication the internet brings. Paint restoration and Protection is about to come into its own, which makes Vivilon a ground floor business opportunity.

Where once most people didn't have the opportunity to know there was a way to rejuvenate rather than repaint, now the concept isn't so foreign.  They didn't have the opportunity to know that an effective alternative existed to either continually waxing or polishing surfaces like cars, trucks, boats, RV's, airplanes, off-road equipment and farm equipment or repainting those surfaces. Together, we intend to give them that opportunity. Their mind is open to the possibilities Vivilon provides. They need only for someone to personalize how restoration and protection can work for them on their property. In recent years, those perceptions are starting to change and change in a big way.

3. When shown our clear paint restoration and protection alternatives and educated to their advantages (less cost, quicker, easier, more durable and a longer lasting like new appearance), the response to our appearance restoration and protection business is overwhelmingly positive. Our closing ratio is over 95% when we are in front of a customer who:

  • knows their property looks faded
  • wants to do something to make it look new again
  • does not want to face the appearance restoration problem again for many years; and
  • can afford our service.

As the old sales expression goes, "there ain't no way out of the box". We are good at the low key, professional, conversational close. We believe in our products. We'll teach you how to have that same success. We'll fit your personality with a way to communicate our message. So, don't worry if you think you can't sell, because you won't have to. It's really just a show and tell presentation. Let the product do the selling for you.

4. Governmental dictates (see below), economic forces and environmental impacts are all helping to increase the need for our paint restoration and protection business and will continue to increase the demand for them.

5. We are the oldest, most experienced and highest quality supplier of both clearcoating products to restore and protect a first class finish; and, the application technology to get the job done right with our paint restoration and protection business.

6. We know how to generate interested customer inquiries from every commercial, industrial, recreational, consumer and government market sector. We know lead acquisition from magazines, trade shows, Google (and other search engines), as well as, the social interaction aspect of the internet. We can make it rain leads.

7. To fully capitalize on our paint restoration and protection opportunity and dominate this emerging business sector, we need to have professional, ethical, dedicated, motivated, in-field representation and application capability in every locality. Why? To take our paint restoration and protection business to the customer one on one. No matter how great your marketing material looks, no matter how gorgeous your brochures, no matter how impressive your website, a customer wants to have someone in his "neck of the woods" to talk to and develop confidence in before he buys.

8. Vivilon product, training and support for a paint restoration and protection business, combined with your ability, effort and dedication to delivering real customer value, can create a dynamic Special Success Opportunity!

9. Vivilon is an excellent Business Opportunity. It's a Mobile Business, a Service Business and a Home Based Business. What entrepreneurs are told they should look for in a business opportunity. With a home based business, you have low fixed overhead expenses, There is no big business overhead to make every month before you start making money. Our business opportunity is not a franchise. With Vivilon's business opportunity, there are no franchise fees or franchise royalties to pay ever. This is a business where we sell you the product, you decide how much to charge for a service and you keep all the money you make.

How Big Is The Paint Appearance Restoration & Protection Market?

Almost every surface has color pigmentation of some kind, whether it's included in the paint, in the gelcoat (as in fiberglass boats or filon panels used in RV's) in the resin (as is the case for vinyl siding, vinyl awnings and EIFS siding), or in the cladding (as in anodized aluminum or stainless steel). Exposed to the ravages of sun, moisture, industrial pollution fallout, extremes of hot and cold, acid rain, salt air or even something as mundane as bird droppings and bug splatters, those surfaces deteriorate. Inevitably, their appearance deteriorates as well. Ultimately, even structural integrity can be compromised.

Combine this with the seldom publicized fact that the organic pigments used to replace the heavy metal pigments, like lead (which was used for centuries to deliver outstanding performance) substantially sacrifice durability and UV stability for their theoretical environmental benefits. That diminished pigment performance is a driving factor in creating a tremendous paint restoration and color protection business opportunity. How big? The paint restoration market, in just the U.S., is currently valued at over Thirty Billion Dollars annually. Almost all of that goes to repainting, which the Vivilon business provides the perfect alternative to. And, because business, government and consumers don't know there is quick, easy and inexpensive solution to the problems of paint restoration and protection, that figure is just the tip of the iceberg. There are huge numbers of projects which need and can afford rejuvenation but which can't justify the costs of repainting.

Consider that painted metals roofs, fascia, soffits, canopies and metal buildings are over a 675 billion square foot paint restoration business opportunity now (that's 2/3 of a trillion s.f.) and it grows by 25-30 billion feet a year. The appearance of that painted metal will some day need refurbishing, long before any structural failure occurs. This is a business opportunity that is really coming into its own. And, like our own private annuity, it just keeps building interest.

As more and more business owners realize how convenient, simple and inexpensive paint restoration and protection can be, they can see how really cost effective investing in the service for their buildings is. Not to mention the good feelings customers have when they see a clean and shiny place of business inviting them in to shop. The paint restoration project is hands down the most cost effective investment in their property a business can make. It all ads up to a very lucrative painting restoration and protection business opportunity.

Vinyl siding construction is a 60 billion square foot market and adds 4 to 5 billion additional square feet of eventually faded, discolored vinyl siding to the market every year. The opportunity for our vinyl siding appearance restoration and protection business is huge and growing every day. Read the Vinyl Siding Restoration section to understand the need for siding rejuvenation services and how our appearance restoration and protection business is perfectly poised to benefit greatly from that opportunity.

Dry-Vit type EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems) siding adds billions of square feet more to the business and home construction market annually. That siding needs our business for rejuvenation and protection services. Contractors use this material because it is fast and easy to erect and has a moderate cost. Unfortunately, because of its porous nature, it has the tendency to rapidly fade and discolor. Fortunately for us, that problem is what Vivilon's restoration and protection business solves so beautifully.

Fiber-cement siding (like HardiPlank) construction is in excess of a 10 billion square foot market and growing rapidly by 2-3 billion square feet annually. Fiber-cement siding is painted for use on millions of homes. All those homes will need our paint appearance restoration and paint protection services someday.. This represents a tremendous opportunity for our business. Just as an example, if the price for the Vivilon process only averages a dollar a square foot, it is a Multi-Billion dollar business opportunity. One with a net profit margin of 50% or More. And, there is virtually nobody serving it. This is another little known opportunity that could be very profitable for you.

In the recreational field, served now by the Boat Detailing business, there are over 5 million boats with gelcoat that is GUARANTEED to do one thing well, FADE and discolor quickly! And, there are an additional 350,000-400,000 new water craft fading annually. All that fading and discolored fiberglass gelcoat is a great opportunity for our paint restoration and protection business. If you only charge $30 per linear foot for refurbishing the sides and transom to like new (the amount many boat detailing businesses charge just for compounding and waxing a boat), it represents a potential billion dollar business with a 65-75% net, net profit margin (See the Gelcoat Restoration section). Boat Detailing or restoration and protection is one of the best  opportunities to make a great income and enjoy what you do.

Another tremendous opportunity for your restoration and protection services is the RV detailing or refinishing business. Recreational vehicles, motorhomes, travel trailers, campers and other RV's make up a 4.5 million unit market with an extra 400,000 units annually. Once again, fiberglass gelcoat  fades quickly.  Which gives us another billion dollar opportunity. If your charge for appearance restoration is an average of only $30 a linear foot (what some RV detailers routinely charge for just compounding and waxing an RV, sound familiar?) you make a net NET profit margin of 55-60%, it ain't bad. The RV refinishing paint restoration and protection business is highly profitable. Your competition is from the detailer who will charge almost the same for a service that will last maybe six months, compared to your business fully restoring and protecting the RV for several years. Ask yourself, which service would you rather pay for?

On the other side of the coin, there is competition from the RV paint shop that charges up to 10 times as much and takes at least a week or two to complete the repaint. Yes, he is putting on new paint and doing body repairs which you don't do (and, believe me, you don't want to do.) But, if the gelcoat is intact, no matter how badly faded, you have the ability to offer the customer a faster, cheaper and a whole lot better service. Given that, do you think you might have the opportunity to be competitive?

Heavy duty tractors, trucks, trailers, buses and medium duty trucks make up a 19-20 million unit market with almost a million extra units a year. In a few years, those old vehicles are faded

and the new ones will be faded soon. All will be in need of a business like ours. At an average of $500-$1200 per truck, tractor, bus or trailer, the numbers add up fast. Once again, the profit margin is typically 55-65%. This is just one one more money making opportunity with Vivion's paint restoration and protection business.

If you want to serve a more exacting customer with paint restoration and protection services, the aircraft restoration market is an opportunity for a special niche business. Once again, your competition in this business is from the compound, wax and polish aircraft detailers and the aircraft painting shops. For just a little more than the aircraft detailers and a WHOLE LOT LESS than the aircraft paint shops( think $7000-$9,000 for a little single engine airplane repaint) you can restore a plane, whose paint in only faded and oxidized, to like new color, shine and luster. It's not for everybody, but it has the opportunity to be a very rewarding business for the right person. At $750-$1500 it comes with a 60-70% net profit margin. If this sounds like an opportunity you would like to consider, the developer of Vivilon, Bill Rice, has been a pilot for over 40 years. He'll show you how to do the business the right way.

We don't claim that our business will eventually have all the market these opportunities create (or half, or a quarter, or even a tenth of it); BUT, there is no reason our business can't have our share of this opportunity...and, imagine what just a small piece of any or all those enormous markets could be worth!

Those are just a few examples. Look through our photo gallery at just some of the many other markets our business serves with quality paint restoration and protection services. If you’re the kind of person that can recognize a high profit business opportunity, you'll probably soon develop what we call "VIVILON Vision". That's the tendency to begin seeing almost everything as an obvious opportunity for VIVILON's paint restoration and protection business. Everywhere you look, there is property that needs what your business can do for it!

We are the premier provider of remarkably superior materials needed by this extremely profitable, virtually unlimited and rapidly growing business. But, simply making the best product line is only half the equation. Real success requires effective, knowledgeable, professional representation, in every locality, by individuals and organizations whose professionalism and service ethic echoes our formulation philosophy...No Compromises With Quality!

How Do I Fit Into The Paint Restoration & Protection Business? (Table of Contents)

We share a common interest. We both want new, high profit customers. They bring not only immediate new business opportunities but are a prime source of repeat business, complimentary services and enthusiastic referrals. Which brings us to new customer acquisition opportunities. While we all need to devote some effort to "cold calling" for new accounts, (especially potentially lucrative ones) we all prefer as many "hot" leads as we can get. It's just a lot easier and usually far more productive to talk to someone who has expressed an interest in what you have to offer. Ask any salesman what three things he wants most. His answer will probably be Leads, Leads and MORE Leads. Creating leads is one of our proven strengths.

Since our first national press coverage in 1985, we have demonstrated the ability to use our media experience to produce a sustained volume of sales leads from interested readers of over a hundred trade and special interest consumer magazines. Targeted advertising, editorial coverage, and trade show exhibitions produce additional interested inquiries for our business.

But, any lead has diminished value, without an effective means of completing the cycle of turning a "suspect" into a "prospect" and finally into a client. Having a local presence is enormously important in that process. The customer needs to be able to SEE, FEEL and get into a COMFORT ZONE with all VIVILON paint restoration services by PERSONAL direct contact. That's where there is an opportunity for you, the local Certified A.R.M.E., to fit into this business. Together, we can build on each others capabilities to keep increasing our leadership position in this ever growing paint restoration and protection business. Are you ready to get your share of those Billions of Dollars?

Why Should I Want a Paint Restoration & Protection Business? (Table of Contents)

Our company philosophy and the business opportunity we offer is based on four simple ideas.

  1. Tell the customer what you believe to be the honest truth.
  2. Grow your business with integrity, not gimmicks, tricks or sales "hype."
  3. Perform the service as conscientiously as you know how to make sure it's done right. NO shortcuts!
  4. Make more money, take pride in the beautiful surfaces you restore and enjoy life with fewer headaches.

VIVILON was the pioneer in the business of providing both paint restoration and paint protection that is durable, cost effective and a beautiful alternative to the painting or detailing businesses. A better alternative to the time consuming drudgery of never ending compounding and waxing. A bettter alternative to expensive repainting. And, certainly a better alternative to just replacing the property.

We Make Anything Old Look New Again has been our both service mark and our mission statement since we first offered VIVILON paint restoration and paint protection services to the public in 1981. VIVILON has no equal in providing all the essentials that make this business an opportunity that's so highly profitable on a sustained basis. Whether it's product research & development, formula optimization and testing, alternative applications technology or marketing and promotional necessities, we have no equal in what it takes to support your business success.

VIVILON delivers the finest paint restoration and protection coatings available. Our customers always receive exceptional value at a fraction of the cost of any comparable alternative. And, yet we do it while achieving a NET to the BOTTOM LINE PROFIT percentage that most businesses could only dream of making. That is the business opportunity we offer to you.

How Will Your Business Opportunity Help Me? (Table of Contents)

The key to any long-term business opportunity's success is in building relationships. Our training is focused on giving you the basic knowledge to approach any potential client with honest, fully informative; but, not overly "technical" explanations of all the options to their property appearance restoration, protection and maintenance concerns. When you explain the costs, benefits and other relevant merits of what is available to them for their restoration and appearance maintenance dollar, it allows you to show them why the VIVILON solution offers them the best value for their money. The idea that an educated consumer is your best customer certainly applies here, as it is the core of our business.

Knowledge IS Power. With it, you represent yourself as a credible consultant rather than as just another salesperson. Changing the customer's perception of who you are and why you are there has a tremendous positive impact on the entire customer relationship. This may seem a subtle difference, after all, the objective is still to get a customer's approval for work you'll do at a profit. But, think about it for a moment. True professionals have really only two things to offer...their KNOWLEDGE and their TIME. What else is there?

When you go to a doctor or dentist, it's to feel better, get well, or simply gain peace of mind. You want their PROFESSIONAL opinion on whether you have a problem, what it may be and what the available alternatives are to treat it. You don't "haggle" over their fees or treat them with a lack of courtesy. All you want is to get an appointment now... if not sooner. In short, you treat them as a professional expert whose KNOWLEDGE and TIME has value. Isn't that the way you'd like to be treated?

Obviously, that's a dramatic example of the concept we want to convey. But, it's one that works in any business. The key is to DIFFERENTIATE yourself from others.... Be SPECIAL! Having the best products, performing professional, conscientious services and offering superior value allows you the opportunity to take the "high ground" in any business. In our paint restoration and protection business, it's vital to BOTH our levels of success.

What's Required To Qualify For This Business Opportunity? (Table of Contents)

To qualify to be a Certified Appearance Restoration and Maintenance Expert, it is important to be a well organized business person or company...ambitious, self-motivated and entrepreneurial, and, have:

  1. Excellent customer or personal references.
  2. A results-oriented excited outlook about long-term growth.
  3. High standards of both professional ethics and proven personal integrity.
  4. The vision to operate this business opportunity as an active owner
  5. The ability to manage, motivate and and lead people.
  6. A customer service oriented personality
  7. A willingness to learn our system and success formula
  8. The proper licenses and insurance or willing to obtain them.
  9. A dedication to perfection.

We want someone who takes a lot of pride in everything they do and shows that everyday. Our ultimate success is based on associating with people who have winning attitudes. The most important of these is a commitment to getting the job done right the first time.


What Does This Business Opportunity Cost? (Table of Contents)

In essence, our training program really is FREE! We will give you the benefit of our experience, technical support and marketing assistance. The training represents our investment in you. And, it shows our serious intent to work together for our mutual long-term business success. The more skilled you are at representing and applying our products, the more of them your business will use.

In return, we would like to see the same serious intent from you. We ask you to commit to purchase a small amount of product. There's an old expression that applies here, "You can't sell from an empty cart." If a customer is ready to buy, provided you can show them what VIVILON does for them, can you afford to wait several days to order and receive the product before getting back to them? Of course, not! That doesn't mean you need to have enough product on hand to VIVILON the whole town. But, enough to begin doing demonstrations and complete the first several "showcase" jobs for your business.

If you have a desire for a more substantial role, Dealership and Area or Regional Distributorship opportunities are available for well-qualified individuals or companies. Contact us about the opportunities at either our toll free number (800-848-4566) or through our e-mail on the contact page for immediate attention to your inquiry.

Final Thoughts On The Paint Restoration Business (Table of Contents)

We have 33 years experience in every phase of this business. We have an on-going R&D program, focused on perfecting demonstrably superior and highly profitable solutions to restoration and maintenance problems in both commercial and consumer markets. We never have, nor will we make, just another "me too" product. You can always be assured that whatever you offer your customers is as uniquely special as your dedication to their satisfaction and the building of productive long-term business relationships.

This is a somewhat long message to read. But, we thought you should have the opportunity to know about our business opportunity and all the factors that are important to your success in our paint restoration and protection business. We sincerely thank you for your interest and hope, if you think this might be the right opportunity for you, that you'll consider taking the next step.

We know what it takes from us to give our associates the "winning edge'. To be in business for yourself but not by yourself. We have the tools if you have the desire. The next step is yours. Why not contact us today!

In keeping with the political contests going on, my name is Bill Rice and I approved this message :-)