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After almost a year of research and development, Vivilon's Forevernu has been formulated to make possible a superior, easily hand applied, wipe-on clear coating that has the exact same ability to restore faded surfaces to like new color and gloss and then protect those surfaces from the ravages of the sun, harsh acids and alkalies, bird droppings, insect splatters and other harmful airborne contamination that cause surface damage as Vivilon's Tough Enough does. In addition, our latest ForeverNu makes swirl marks, scuffs and most scratches virtually disappear. ForeverNu is now the very best hand applied wipe-on clearcoat available ANYwhere!!

ForeverNu wipes on easily with a polishing cloth to hand apply a perfectly self-leveling clear coating. It is the first real wipe-on, hand applied clear coat that produces a perfect shine rivaling fine spray finishing in its color restoration, depth of gloss, superior aesthetic appearance and surface protection.

You can do approximately 22 cars per gallon of ForeverNu, making the cost per car completed under $29 each.

Hand application of this wipe-on clear coat is exceedingly simple. Please use nitrile gloves for personal protection. First, wash the vehicle to remove surface dirt and debris then clean with the Sherwin- Williams USP 90 by soft sponge or microfiber cloth and rinse thoroughly. Apply the USP 90 with a light pressure in a circular motion. Rinse THOROUGHLY and allow to dry.

After drying, mask off any glass, chrome or other areas that are not to be coated with ForeverNu wipe on.

As a final step in surface preparation, use a clean tack cloth.

Now fill a small pan with the ForeverNu wipe on clear and totally saturate the polishing cloth in the ForeverNu clear.. (NOTE:we provide the polishing cloths to you in the box your coating comes in FREE. It is NOT packing material, PLEASE don't throw them away! ), Wring out excess ForeverNu (approximately 80%). Be sure to wipe your glove off to prevent drips.

Re-saturate polishing cloth after about every 3 square feet of surface coated to maintain a heavy first coat throughout the vehicle.

Before you begin, plan your application route and start with the first panel. Picking a mid-point on the panel, begin applying the ForeverNu clear coating in a circular motion working out towards the edges of the panel. Be sure to cover entire panel. An almost “haphazard” approach that includes circular and up and down motions works the best. Just be sure to cover entire panel. Once you have completely covered the panel, look for any areas that are “sagging” or for any “runs” that may have occurred due to excessive product. To fix these heavy areas, simply squeeze out the polishing cloth and smooth out those heavy areas with light strokes. Remember, you have about 10 to 15 minutes working time before the ForeverNu Clear Coat starts to dry, so for best results, simply cover the panel, check for heavy areas and correct if necessary, then move on to the next panel. Keep applying it panel to panel remembering to always check again the previous panel for any heavy sags or runs. As before, to correct these simply ring out the polishing cloth and lightly smooth out the heavy area. You may see light streaks or tiny “bubbles” in the clear coat while it is still wet; but, do NOT be alarmed by this. Know that our hand applied ForeverNu Clear Coat has an amazing “self-leveling” ability to dry to a brilliant, mirror like finish. As the Beatles said " Let It Be, Let It Be"!

Ideally, allow the ForeverNu to air dry for at least an hour in at least 65 degree temperature and 50% relative humidity. For best results, use heat lamps, halogen lights, infra-red or other work lamps to provide external heat after the clear coating is touch dry. Once the surface is dry to the touch you can remove the masking material and enjoy the look of your hand applied clear coat with its color and gloss restored by wipe on simplicity! With this hand applied clear you will have Spray Booth results without ANY environmental hazard, wasted time or mess!





Before Forevenu
After Forevernu
before forevernu After Forevernu
scratches and swirls
Forevernu shine
vehicle scratch repair
after scratch repair

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