Being a Vivilon Certified Appearance Restoration and Maintenance Expert allows you the opportunity to own and operate your own mobile, home based business in the paint restoration and appearance maintenance business. This can be a highly profitable home based painting business opportunity and just may be the right opportunity to be in this paint restoration business for yourself but not by yourself. It only takes a modest investment to get started. You start the business working from home, part-time if you want. You have the opportunity to be earning good money from your business in just a few weeks, with the opportunity to grow into a full time paint restoration business when you choose. There are absolutely no franchise fees or franchise royalties to take away from the money you earn from this business. Buying the Vivilon materials to perform the service is about the only real expense for your paint restoration business. We even train you in every aspect of operating this mobile paint restoration business for free. We only make money with your business if you do. We believe any conscientious, professional entrepreneur with a solid work ethic will have the opportunity to make a lot of money in our paint restoration business. It's a paint restoration business with a win-win opportunity for both of us.

When you "google" terms like painting business opportunity, painting franchise, painters business or mobile painting business, you come up with results for auto painting franchises, house painting franchises, mobile car touch-up painting business opportunities, auto detailing franchises, boat detailing businesses, RV detailing businesses, even curb painting franchises. But, what you won't find are results for the kind of business opportunity we offer. Look it up yourself. Type in: paint restoration business opportunity, paint restoration franchise or mobile paint franchise. You'll find a LOT of auto paining franchises, mobile auto detailing opportunities, some boat, RV & aircraft detailing businesses and mobile touch up or mobile spot repair business opportunity. But, NO businesses that even come close to the kind of opportunity we offer.

What does that tell you? That nobody is interested in the restoring the paint on their auto, truck, boat or RV unless it's done the usual way by waxing or repainting? Of course, not. It means no body else is in the business of serving their needs, YET. The opportunity for the business serving their needs and those with vinyl sided homes, metal buildings, etc. is unlimited. Because, there IS a better way to perform more complete paint restoration services. We are that business. Although our business has aspects of all those painting and detailing opportunities, it is truly unique. The paint restoration business represents an opportunity with a huge, untapped, high profit business profile. Every business, consumer, industrial, recreational or governmental market is a potential customer for paint restoration. It is a very lucrative business opportunity that we can show you how to sell and service effectively. Ask yourself, if there were a business that could show you a way that you could easily, inexpensively and reliably restore the dull, faded and discolored surface on your property, with a reasonable expectation that it would last for years, wouldn't you be a prospect for that business? Wouldn't you at least give that business the opportunity to demonstrate what they had?

Vivilon owned, joint ventured or licensed several automotive, truck, RV and boat detailing businesses before developing its Vivilon paint restoration business opportunity. We know how to be successful in our niche of the "painting" business and are committed to helping you, the entrepreneur, in every phase of your new business. We train you how to do paint restoration expertly, with the right tools, techniques and products the job requires. We help you get customer leads for your business. We teach you how to turn those prospects into paying customers by presenting the benefits of doing business with you in a concise, professional, low key "soft sell" manner. We'll support your paint restoration business as if it were our own. The opportunity is there for anyone who wants it.

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